Burai Shinsengumi Members

-Saitou Hajime: An angsty, emotional lone swordsman who learns about friendship after meeting Okita and the rest of the Sheiken dojo group.

- Okita Souji: Easygoing and occasionally mischievous, he becomes a close friend of Saitou

- Harada Sanosuke: Hot-tempered, brash and a totally trustworthy friend.

- Kondou Isami: The honorable leader of the Shinsengumi.

- Hijikata Toshizo: A stern disciplinarian who actually cares for his friends and the welfare of his men.

- Serizawa Kamo: Arrogant and hot-tempered, and he turns to drinking when he becomes disillusioned with the group.

- Niimi Nishiki: Serizawa's loyal aide, who is willing to die for his friend.

- Yamamato: A spy from Aizu with the aim of shutting down the group, later revealed to be a woman named Takagi Tokio.

- Other Shinsengumi members are in the series, including Nagakura, Toudou, Yamanami, Takeda, and Yamazaki Susumu.

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More Information can be found in the Saitou Hajime Shrine - Burai.

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