Burai 無頼

Burai ( 無頼 ) and Burai: Moto Kakusei ( 無頼:魔都覚醒 ) are two series by Iwasaki Youko, first published in 1997. The story chronicles the early days of the Shinsengumi when they were known as the Miburoshi, and focuses on Saitou Hajime. Not only is he a samurai... but he also becomes entangled in a more mystical battle. Saitou is also caught in the middle of the fight between the two factions that are dividing the group.

The first series covers from the beginnings of the group through Serizawa's assassination.

Burai, 1997
Vol. 1 ISBN 4049246937
Vol. 2 ISBN 4049247402
Vol. 3 ISBN 4049247682
Vol. 4 ISBN 4049247836
Vol. 5 ISBN 404924814X

The second series dates from 2000 and serves as a sequel to the first series. On her website, Iwasaki-sensei notes that the magazine that the second series ran in was canceled, so that no further volumes will be published, even though it had been planned for three volumes. The story culminates in the raid on the Ikeda-ya.

Burai: Moto Kakusei, 2000
Vol. 1 ISBN 4049248484
Vol. 2 ISBN 4049248786

In 2004 all seven volumes were re-released in a compiled edition of three volumes, with new cover art. It includes a new chapter that was run in the August, 2004 issue of Princess GOLD magazine.

Vol. 1 ISBN 4253177670
Vol. 2 ISBN 4253177689
Vol. 3 ISBN 4253177697

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