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Bakumatsu Renka Shinsengumi Fanfiction

Sakura Garden
Author: Safetygirl
Genres: Romance/Drama/Angst
Rating: K+
Summary/Intro: As she leaves on her first mission, Sakuraba Suzuka thinks back on how she came to Kyoto, and the people she's met, specifically the Shinsengumi Captains.
Mirage - Saitou Hajime
Author: hajimenokizu
Genres: General
Rating: K+
Summary/Intro: Saitou and Yamanami have a short discussion on the Third Troop Captain's unruly behavior. Inspired from the PS2 game.

And there will be more fanfiction to come from us! If you have a BRS fiction that you would like to posted in this site, please send us an e-mail we will be glad to hear from you!

Shinsengumi Wallpapers

Wallpaper by hajimenokizu for bakumatsu renka shinsengumi  wallpaper pink bakumatsu renka shinsengumi by safety
Right now we only have two wallpapers we have but we plan to make more!
Official Wallpapers are also available for free in D3's website that created this PS2 game! Click here.

Shinsengumi Colorbars


The colorbars above were made by Safetygirl. You can tell she loves making them can't you? LOL! There's one for almost every bishie in this manga from the PS2 game.

Bakumatsu Renka Shinsengumi Doujinshi

We love doujinshi! For those who do not know what a doujinshi is... It is a comic made by fans for fans! Usually it features their preferred pairings and general ideas. In BRS doujinshi are usually in the "Straight/Romance" area and gag.

Here's a few Bakumatsu Renka Shinsengumi doujinshi that we have. Take a look!

Here's what we don't have -yet- but it's worth to look so that you know what circles are out there and what type of art they produce.

Doujinshi circles:

Kamoya - - one of the more prolific BRS groups

Shooby Dooby - - Wonderful works.  :)

Blue Moon -this doujinshi circle has pretty decent fanart

Morinagameguhoka - to follow

Genomic Brain - so far this doujinshi circle seems to produce mostly copybooks

Bakumatsu Renka Shinsengumi Fanart

Nothing on this section yet since we can't draw! Can you draw? Do you love Bakumatsu Renka Shinsengumi? Want to donate to us your wonderful artwork? We are accepting donations for fanart! Send us an e-mail!

Shinsengumi Fansites (mostly Japanese)

We've collected a list of fansites for your browsing pleasure. Please take note that as of the moment, all of these sites are in Japanese! So get your online translators ready like nifty or babelfish so you can browse in English. I've searched the English WWW and we think this -is- the first fansite in English. But hey! Make your own and spread the love. When you do let us know and we'll list your site here too!
Neo Romance Search:
A search engine dedicated to girl's dating game.  BRS is down towards the bottom, the best way to find it is to put the kanji for the series ( 幕末恋華新選組) into your web browser's "find" feature.  There you can select by character names and it will pull up fan pages featuring that character.  A nice mix of sites, some with fanart. 
This site also is a directory of other sites, sorted by characters:
A few more fansites: - click on "Ren-ka" to see fanart - fanart, focusing on Saitou x Suzuka - fanart under "treasure", Nagakura x Suzuka - another Nagakura x Suzuka site - Nice collection of fanart, focusing on Nagakura, Ryoma and Kondou - all characters - Nagakura and Harada focus - Mainly Saitou, some Okita - all characters but a Nagakura x Suzuka focus - Dedicated to BRS's take on Serizawa Kamo

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