Peace Maker Kurogane

DVD Character Sheets

The following are character sheets included in the US DVD Release. They include some nice art and character descriptions. Take a peek into the wonderful world of PMK! Click for a larger image.



DVD Covers

The Collectors Box

DVDs Reversible Cover - The series was released by ADV Films in seven installments





Manga Covers

The following manga covers are all Japanese versions. Shinsengumi Imon Peace Maker was released as a 6 volume manga while it's continuation Peace Maker Kurogane is now at the fifth volume. The second manga was also released in the USA.

Shinsengumi Imon Peace Maker



Peace Maker Kurogane



That's it for now! There is an Artbook and four other books released for PMK. I do have the four and will most probably post it here. When I get my grubby hands on those drama CDs... Watch out. *grin*


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