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Rurouni Kenshin

Awakenings: Unfinished Battles

 Every Saitou fan loves Episode 29 and 30 of the Rurouni Kenshin series. Specifcally the fight between Saitou and Kenshin. We don’t only get the action but get to see the difference and similarities of the two. You see them as rivals with old grudges, pitting their skill against one another. But aside from that you also see how much respect they regarded for each other, shown by these episodes when their fight turned into higher stakes when they thought each one had lost his sense of self. It’s also great to see that through all this, both gets lost in the desire to finish what they started ten years ago.

This video was made for PocketPC playback and web-streaming so it is not meant to be in high screen resolution. But it does look pretty good in the small screen. I had to change the colors quite a bit since the gamma was too dark for a music vid. It made great effect on the episodes themselves but not so much in a short AMV. I chose the song “Wonderwall” by Oasis purely because of the lyrics. I really think Saitou and Kenshin just mystifies each other and could come to an understanding if they found time to talk. Oh well, we get a great fight instead. Perfectly –fine- with moi.

*watch it*

Hero - Tribute to Saitou and Sanosuke

I've been on a Nickelback song spree... LOL so expect some Music Vids featuring this artist... But anyway here's one for my two favorite guys in RK, Saitou and Sano. Uhhh yeah, Shishio's there a lot. When I first created this video and showed it to my beta viewers, I did get the comment it was more like a Shishio vid. But that was a long time ago and I've already edited. What you are seeing is actually the finished product. I'm pretty much happy with it. Probably not the ending though. I have trouble doing endings after all. They're either too abrupt or too long. There's always something wrong with the ending for some reason.

Anyway, this is my next favorite episode aside from the ones in volume 7 of the DVDs. I love how it's implied that Sano and Saitou has a mentor relationship. LOL! Although some may like to take it a bit further (and that's fine with me ^__^ ). Any SaiSa fans out there? This vid is for you too, even if it's not yaoi themed.


*watch it*

Peace Maker Kurogane

Freedom Fighter - RK/PMK Crossover

To celebrate our 100,000 hits I decided to make another AMV! Combining two of my favorite Shinsengumi takes, Rurouni Kenshin and Peace Maker Kurogane! The song is Freedom Fighter by Creed and it's a bit more different than what I usually do but I picked out my favorite fight scenes in both series and tried my best to keep it in the Bakumatsu Period instead. I hope you like it and the main guys are of course there. There were so many of them that I really couldn't fit everyone so... Well next time I make one it'll have more Harada and Susumu, but for now enjoy the others.

*watch it*

Like an Angel - Okita and Tetsu

 My second video of is Okita-san!!! Woo hoo! I love PMK so here's one for Souji! Also you'll note the song is in Japanese, I made some subtitles since I thought the song reminded me of Okita. The song is actually by Chiaki Ishikawa and was used on Mermaid's Forest 2. Again nothing is mine aside from editing/subtitles (of song)/timing. LOL!

*watch it*

NHK Shinsengumi

Dreams and Hopes

As I said to thank you guys and gals for visiting the site, I made another music vid. This time it's NHK Shinsengumi!!! It's been due for quite some time now that we have a music video for that wonderful Taiga drama. Although this one has no Saitou in it (insert gasp here), it does have a few couples that I fell in love with in NHK and those who did give me their input on what they'd like to see. We have Kondou and Tsune (my fave couple), Serizawa and Oume (very interesting couple), Hijikata and the girl (can't remember her name gah!) and Yamanami and Akesato (who had the best love story IMHO). The last two couples were by request. I also included Yagi Hide, Todou and Okita. Like perhaps 3 seconds of Okita just to show the point. If you've never noticed Todou seemed taken by Hide in the show. Of course the girl never notices and just considers him as a friend. LOL! I hope you enjoy. I'm not a professional but hey it's Shinsengumi!!! Song is by Miss. Chiaki Ishikawa, "Haru" which means spring. Unfortunately I wasn't able to find lyrics to this song, so if it's entirely out of place... Gomenasai! But I love the beat of this song and it seems perfect for the vid I was aiming for. ^__^

*watch it*

Shinsengumi Keppuroku

Two Sisters - Kondou Isami

This is my first ever music video! It is taken from Shinsengumi Keppuroku and focuses on Kondou-sensei's relationship with Otaka and Osei. Two women he was related with while in Kyoto! Okay so everything on this video except the compilation and arrangement is NOT mine, they're owned by their respective owners so please bear with this fan. The song is “Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word” by Elton John. He's one of my favorite singers and if you like the music please go buy it! And if you like the 3 minute music video I'm sure you will like the mini-series also... Please buy Shinsengumi Keppuroku!

*watch it*

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