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There are people gifted enough to draw and sketch funny and serious stuff! Our heartfelt THANKS go to Dot, Micah, KamiyaSeizaburo, Lexi-Teniro and an anonymous donator for the following fantastic artwork!

We are accepting Fanart donations! Please contact us!


Have you ever seen that cute little japanese monster on TV? Or on ebay? Domo-kun is quite the little monster mascot in Japan and we have a fan of domo-kun in our midst. He's given us the cute little monster Shinsengumi style. Thanks slug!

Fire in Cairo

I now present to you our bringer of Kawaii-ness Fire in Cairo! She generously donated three fine fanart pieces of the Shinsengumi (well technically it's just two! *cough*) in their most unimaginable form yet. Well -almost-. LOL! The first two pictures you see were inspired from Rurouni Kenshin. Bear Kenshin and Bear Saitou! *hugs them*

And the group art below... Well They're the Bear-gumi! Kawaii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *steals them*



The following pictures were of course donated by our forum member Sannan. The first two to your left and right are her original artwork of Kondou Isami and Okita Souji. While the last two (seen below) are Peace Maker Kurogane fanart on Okita Souji and Hijikata Toshizou. You can tell she loves Souji and the Shinsengumi ne? ^__^ Her sketches are very nice and I thank her for sharing her work with us Shinsengumi fans!


Lexi Teniro

One of my friends, Lexi-Teniro, made a fanart that was partly inspired from a fic of mine called "Watashi no Itachi". I'm so so so greatful to her for letting me share this with you! Yes I am a RK Saitou x Misao fan! They just go so well together like vanilla ice cream and hot fudge. LOL! Visit her Wolf and Weasel shrine for more Saitou x Misao goodness!



To the left is a fanart of Okita Souji from Kaze Hikaru! Our very first KH fanart donated by KamiyaSeizaburo in the HNK Forums. I can't thank her enough for this. I love the lines and the coloring done on this it's very pretty!



And of course we have Saitou-san from KH as well! Another fanart by KamiyaSeizaburo. I am so happy she made a KH Saitou fanart! It looks awesome! The picture is so cute that I can just about go and pinch his cheeks!!!


On your left is a sketch of Hijikata and Todou! Doesn't Hijikata look so lovely? In some of the doujinshi I have at the gallery, Hijikata seems to be the next favorite to pair with the Sei-chan. ^__^ And I love the expression on Todou's face! Cute galore! Thank you Kamiya-san!



We have two more donations from Micah! We thank him dearly for these wonderful fanwork!

To your right is Saitou with his infamous presentation of "Orange Juice" and finally Okita-san triumphs over the black cat!


And here is Micah's second installment! A wonderful sketch of Naruto heroes in Shinsengumi uniform! He did Naruto, Sasuke and of course Sakura-chan! Enjoy people!


The fanart to your right was done by Micah in his Japanese class. Just one of those days where one finds out something interesting like *cough* Souji means "clean" and then creative juices are stirred. Saitou and Okita enjoying themselves in a "Mr. Clean" advertisement. Thank you Micah!


Our anonymous donor is at it again! Just look to your left and you'll know what I mean. Sunglasses anyone? *cough cough* Pectoralis Major anyone? *covers evil horns starting to sprout on webmasters head*
But let's get serious for a moment shall we? I like the shadowing and the colors of this one. You can almost touch it if you ask me. The sunglasses was a very nice touch. Which reminds me there's a brand of sunglasses called "Police"... Thank you to our generous donor!

Aioi Tayu and Saitou Hajime! For those who do not know, in history, Saitou Hajime did have relations with a woman in Shimabara and here our anonymous donator gives us a peek at what could be. Simply wonderful artwork. On another note, I did write a short entry in Fujita's journal, about a woman in Shimabara that you can also read HERE


Here we go! We've always been fascinated by fudonshi... Ever since we learned Saitou cleaned his everday. LOL! Looks like the felines love it too ne?


Fangirl Fanart.... Yes you see real people with RK Saitou-sama! Isn't this just the fangirl's perfect scenario? Especially the one fangirl undressing... I mean "fixing" Saitou-sama's yukata? And look at how lucky that cat is... *snicker* I wouldn't mind being held like that. No siree! As for the other three fangirls, I'll leave that to your imagination.
A simply wonderful piece to this section of the site. I wish I could put up the artist's name but they would like to remain anonymous....


 Oh.. I couldn't help it... Had to put up this nice close-up... Take two anyone???

Specially made by our generous donor...


I'll be honest... I fell in love with this one the first day I saw it. It was drawn out of a silly IM chat between Dot and I. Dot-chan claims there's a million things wrong with it... I'll just have to disagree because she got a million things right with this one. Dancing and smiling with the wolf? You can't beat that!



Another Dot-chan fanart. This is just simply wonderful. How did Tokio manage to get the wolf into that apron? Perhaps we'll never know. What a shame...

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