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Attention! If you have a fanfiction, fanart, theme, skin, wallpaper, icon or anything you'd like to donate to the site please e-mail me! You may either read the descriptions below or use the navigation bar to the right to go straight to the goodies!

AMV - Music Videos

This archive contains the music videos I created out of love of particular series like Rurouni Kenshin, Peace Maker Kurogane and others. Please take a look! *Note* Due to bandwidth issues, please avoid hotlinking. Save it on your server instead.


Some pretty talented people have donated fanart to the site! Stop by here to appreciate them! My big thanks to our generous donors!

Wallpapers Galore

Alright no website is complete without some sort of wallpaper download. So here it is... Go grab it! Click on the thumbnail and right click on the next page to save. Everything is 1024 x 768. Most LCD resolution are like this and if yours is not, you can resize to a larger size but don't blame us if it looks blurry ne? ^__^

Themes for your Desktop, PocketPC and Smartphone

Find Shinsengumi or Saitou related themes. I'm a big mobile addict so right now we have some PPC and smartphone themes.

Avatars / Icons

Since I started playing Fujita Goro a while back in an RPG so I made some icons... Not the best but now that I know how to make icons you can bet I'll be revising this page soon. I've been continuously making icons for our Mibu Wolf. The Icons below are all 100x100 or at least a very close approximation thereof.

More icons to come soon! Watch out for prettier icons done by Safetygirl. We'll try put other icons aside from Saitou-san too.


Right now this archives all my fanfiction and original stories. It's a completely separate area of the site but please visit. I would like to hear your comments and suggestions to help improve my writing.

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