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I've always been a pocketpc addict since it first went mainstream in 2001. I did get my first PDA in the late 90s where I had an old HP Jordana 320LX. Yes! Those things as big as a VHS tape with a monochrome screen and keyboard. Damn that was such a rare thing back in the Philippines then. I traded my PS1, scanner and an AGP video card for it! Ahahaha! My dad was so mad! Ooh but it was so worth it... Then I upgraded and upgraded, from an Compaq Aero, Sony Clie N760c, Compaq H3650, H3700, H3800, Audiovox Maestro, Ipaq 2210, Dell Axim, Ipaq H6300, I-mate Jam and now my mainstay.... HX4700 plus MPX200... Hehhehe... Sorry I just -had- to do that. Now onto mobile goodness.

Pocket PC Themes

This is my favorite theme that I created a long time ago for my PocketPC. I like the dark colors on this one and the picture on the left doesn't do it justice. It's simply stunning on my PDA and you should check it out.

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I just love the rugged look of this one on the beach! In the background you'll actually see a small island called "sombrero" island. Sombrero means "hat" in Spanish... Although it is Spanish, this sombrero island is located in my home in the Philippines not too far where my family has a beach resort. Oh you didn't need to know that ne? ^__^

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I saw this awesome drawing of Saitou in Takarabune. The image just blew me away so I had to make a PPC theme out of it. It's all black and white, one of those thing that I've always wanted to do but never had time to. Oh well enjoy!

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I couldn't help it! I had to make a Saitou x Kenshin theme! They just look so pretty... Love the pastel colors on this one...

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Smartphone Themes

To the right is another Smartphone theme... I like calling this one "Makoto", which means "sincerity". This is the flag of the Shinsengumi. The colors here are all symbolic... How about trying to figure out what each colors means?

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To the right is an MPX200 smartphone theme entitled "Saitou in Gold"... Remember in Rurouni Kenshin he became famous not only for his deadly skill the "Gatotsu" but also his "Amber" or I'd rather call it "Golden eyes".

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