Saitou-Shinsengumi Wallpapers

Here are the Wallpapers we made! We hope you use them to get your PC just -right-. LOL! If you'd like to donate a wallpaper don't hesitate to contact us!

Rurouni Kenshin


The immortal wolf and his immortal quote "Aku Soku Zan" (Sin Swift Slay) brought to you by Safety

Don't you just love this screenshot of Saitou? This was from the Shishio fight... I love the way he flew in this one. Brown motif wallpaper brought to you by Safetygirl.


Here's an old project of mine working on layers and a practice on coloring. The image of Saitou was taken from two images from the manga. A lot of splicing and dicing and here's the result!

My first RK Saitou wallpaper. I wanted something suble and simple. But part of that comes from lack of photoshop abilities... LOL!!!


Peace Maker Kurogane

PMK Wallpaper by Safety-san! Oooh he looks so deadly!


For Halloween we pick PMK Saitou! The esoteric buddhist part time spy or is it the other way around? Wallpaper brought to you by Safety-san. Happy Halloween everyone!


Kaze Hikaru


She's a fan of Kaze Hikaru... I might become one too soon if they get the english manga out! Check it out a KH Redux by Safetygirl


Kaze Hikaru wallpaper by Safety again! She loves this manga... Too bad I had to twist her arm for it. Don't you just love the texture?


Matakakusei Burai


Burai Wallpaper by Safety-san with help from me... Can you believe that? The photoshop guru needing help? LOL! Oh but Saitou does look nice ne?


Another Burai wallpaper brought to you by Safety-san... My my that man looks yummy!


Bakumatsu Renka Shinsengumi

It was bound to happen, BRS gets a wallpaper from moi! I'm still crossing my fingers for this game to be animated. If you've read my journal I believe it has what it takes with the work half-way done for the publishers. The members you see starting from upper left is Todou, Yamanami, Saitou (so hot!), Toshi, Kondou, Okita and Suzuka, female member of the Shinsengumi!


Here's Safety's wallpaper for BRS! Pretty in pink ;)


Fu-un Shinsengumi


I've always been a fan of Kondou and Hijikata together... So why not?


Gunrou-den: Character design by Watsuki-sensei


 Finally Safety finished the Gunrou-den wallpaper! Check it out very pretty!


My own version of Gunrou-den Saitou. Heh... I couldn't help it! Had to put the Kanji for Makoto there!

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