Shougeki Shinsengumi

Not much is known about this anime! We do know that it was released by ACC in 1988 some say 1989 as an OVA. Quite a rare gem for the anime fan in me! There is not a single moment where I was left disinterested or not laughing even if there were no subtitles. A great anime if you're in it for the laughs and can overlook historical discrepancies. It is after all a "farce" (Shougeki translates to farce in English). *grin* The story itself follows our boys from Tama to Kyoto so the stories of Serizawa Kamo and Niimi Nishiki is there. The story also goes up to the point of the Ikedaya incident and ends shortly thereafter. Ending after the events at the Ikedaya isn't really surprising, a lot of Shinsengumi films end there. Make sure you pick this up if you see it in the used section of your local video store. You will fall in love.

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